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On behalf of the Councillors of the Parish Council, I would like to make this statement. 

We would prefer not to comment on posts made on the Community Facebook page but on this occasion we feel we must. We have not asked that Alex Fox remove the memorial bench from the green. We only asked that the decking be removed and the bench remain. It was explained to Mr Fox that there are 3 benches that are out between Spring and Autumn so they can be preserved. Every year they are stored and cleaned up, then rotated, this was the case for the old Youth Club bench we agreed that Emma’s bench would replace. It was suggested that should Mr Fox prefer the bench to be in a permanent position like the Jubilee one, we’d be happy to create a new site backing on to the trees. We have tried hard to reach a compromise and keep communications open and had various options suggested to Mr Fox. To confirm, Wold Newton Parish Council did not ask Mr Fox to remove Emma’s bench from the green.

Thank you.


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