Wold Newton Parish Council

Wold Newton is a small Yorkshire Wolds village and civil parish in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. It is situated approximately 9 miles south of Scarborough and 9 miles north-west of Bridlington. The village of Fordon is also part of the civil parish of Wold Newton. According to the 2011 UK census, Wold Newton parish had a population of 337.

On 13 December 1795 a meteorite crashed on the edge of Wold Newton. As a monument to this event a brick column has been built, on the monument it says:
“Here on this spot, December 13, 1795 fell from the atmosphere an extraordinary stone. In breadth twenty-eight inches, in length thirty-six inches and whose weight was fifty-six pounds. This column in memory of it was erected by Edward Topham,1799”. Pieces of the meteorite are held at the Natural History Museum in London.